Connected Entertainment, Total Control.

Custom Media Works specializes in next generation audio, video, and home automation solutions built around advanced technology from NetStreams, Sonos, Request and others. Let us build your entertainment and control network and show you just how easy life can be.

Imagine: Total access, total control, anywhere, anytime.
Imagine your movies, music, shows, and photos at your fingertips, stunningly reproduced anytime, anywhere, with total control over your environment, place and time.

The world runs on digital networks, so why not your home entertainment & control systems? 

Audio and video content loves to travel over digital networks. Why? Because digital signals do not lose information the way analog signals do. And with today's lossless encoding techniques, it's a no-brainer. Combine with this the ability to access any content, anywhere, any time, and traditional approaches seem more like outmoded ones.

We are the bay area leader in delivering IP based, totally connected entertainment & control systems for your ultimate home.


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