Each project is assigned a team consisting of a system designer, a project manager, network and control systems engineer, and a lead installer. That team works closely with architects, interior designers and builders to ensure a high degree of design integrity and perfect execution.

The core team is deeply involved in every project. The entire team works together during the planning stages and remains involved throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our unique team approach ensures that you get the best possible result at all times - before, during, and after our team has turned the system over to its new owners.

Four Step Process

We value timely installation that meets our client's unique expectations. To accomplish this, we follow a rigorous, yet efficient design and implementation process divided into three phases. 

Iterative Design

Our process begins and ends with our eyes and ears. We listen. We listen to our clients. We listen to the architect and interior designer. We listen to the builders and subcontractors. We listen first and always. We also participate in the creative process with knowledge and ideas. We document requirements and specifications and work with the architect to ensure all plans are kept up-to-date. We draw upon experience gained over many implementations to ensure a trouble free process and end result


With a clear design in hand our courteous and respectful installers handle all cabling, equipment installation and configuration. In new construction or major remodel projects, this process happens in two major phases. When the building is under construction, all cabling is installed in the open walls. We return at several points to install speakers, equipment, monitors and other components at appropriate times during or after construction.


We provide our clients with in-home training and operating instructions to ensure they can use their new system effectively. While we endeavor to create the simplest to use systems, this phase is essential for our clients to get the most out of their systems.

Support and Service

We live to support our clients because we want our clients to be with us for life. If needs change or issues occur, it is important to have ready access to someone who knows your system specifically. All our support people carry cell phones, and we have someone on-call between 9AM and 9PM daily. There is never any finger pointing.
Also included with most new systems is a free yearly 24 point system maintenance check and review. For all whole home audio, video or control systems we offer a yearly maintenance review and service along with upgrade recommendations, free of charge, for the life of the system. This service is fully transferable to new home owners.
Custom Media Works includes a comprehensive One Year Warranty (see Terms and Conditions for specifics). Long term service and warranty programs are available at reasonable rates.


At the core of our business is collaboration with architects, builders, interior designers, and subcontractors. By considering audio, video and control systems as an integral part of project design and construction, it is possible to create systems that will integrate completely into aesthetic of the home, and even disappear completely without compromising usability, quality, or functionality.

Builder Alliance Program

We offer builders, architects and interior designers comprehensive partnership programs with great benefits. We work with builders to help them enhance their offering with ideas and options to integrate technology as part of their offering.
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Architect/Designer Alliance Program

There are distinct advantages to considering the impact of technology during the architecture and design process, and doing so can yield superior results. You really can, have it all! We offer Architects and Designers, pre-build consulting services to ensure that systems fit the look. We offer a full range of architectural in-wall components that can be hidden or matched to other elements, all with clean lines and high design values. We can keep you abreast of these advances, and help you specify no compromise components for all your projects.
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Green Building Initiative

We understand green building concepts, and use those concepts as much as possible in all our designs. We encourage architects, designers, builders, and clients alike to invest in green system designs, and we are fully able to implement those designs.
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